Christmas Round Up

Yes, yes, I know. It’s only mid-October, but there are only 74 sleeps until the big day. Here is your festive round-up of resources for Advent and Christmas, perfect for your Messy Church, youth groups, crib service and school festivities.


Christingle Bingle

Christingle BingleOh yes! Bingo for your Christingle! Keep everyone engaged from tots to grandparents.

Click [this link] to see it in action. Such fun! (Make sure the sound is up!) Thank you to Casey Cross for the video. Casey says, “Thank you for this! We played it with our 4-6 graders this week and they absolutely loved it!

With a gentle gospel message plus some festive fun, this free downloadable PDF is your Christingle sorted. You can print off as many cards as you need (there are four different ones) and use the included talk to describe a Christingle as you make one.  The talk also links Bible verses from John and Isaiah about Jesus as the Light.



One of my post popular scripts, CRISP-tingle is eye-catching and ear-catching, with a short talk on the symbols and meaning of the Christingle.

Script also in A(nother) Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama.

Drama Scripts

God Is With Us – Everywhere!

Hot off the press! A brand-new rhyming Nativity play suitable for Covid-safe performance, either in (distanced) person or on pre-recorded video.

It’s snappy and sassy – modern with a meaningful message. Mary and Joseph have mobile phones, and the wise men are confused about their gifts, while the shepherds think Gabriel is a Martian! But with the chortles comes the eternal message of God who lives right here.

3 wise men

If Christmas Happened Today

A modern take on the familiar story, with a beautiful transformation to a traditional crib scene at the end. Cast of 20 to 30+ with parts for older and younger children. Free downloadable script.

[resources continue below]

writer definition mugI’m a free-lance writer, and while I love what I do, love don’t pay bills.
So if you value having these resources provided for you:
a) I’m really happy they’re useful, and
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The price of a coffee a month would be great [click here] or whatever you can afford. But don’t worry if you can’t. You are very welcome to help yourself for free. Thank you.

Pop-Up Nativity

No rehearsal needed! An instant Nativity Play to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas, with a thoughtful message about God with us.

Plenty of audience participation, with children dressing up if they want to and a short talk. Can be adapted for distanced performance

Script also in A(nother) Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama.


The Nativity in TXTSPK. An interactive re-telling of God with Us, from the point of view of two angels and their phones.

Plenty of audience participation and suitable for covid-safe performance with limited cast.

Script also in A Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama.

Bold, Frankenstein and Mmmm-errr

Join the Two Wise Men and one, ummm, other man, on their journey to meet the new king.

You’ll never think about the gifts the wise men brought in the same way again!

Script also in A Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama.

On The Way – a sketch for Advent, with MP3!

Christmas gets a lot of hype, but what about Advent? Journey from Snottis Green around the funny railway stations of England and find out why we need the journey.

Script also in A(nother) Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama.

Fun and Games

Christmas crafts, activities and games

Brilliant for Messy Christmas, yoof group and Sunday school parties, Christmas outreach events. Downloadable 25-page PDF booklet of resources – absolutely free!

Christmas Carol Bingo

Oh, OK then. You twisted my arm.Christmas Carol Bingo

Here’s a fun little extra for your Christmas enjoyment. Christmas Carol Bingo sheets – use them at home or at a party, for a give-away after a crib service (or even during a crib service!) or for family fun when you are so stuffed with turkey that you can’t move.

8 different A4 sheets featuring words from popular carols. Just a bit of fun. Enjoy!

pp-logoPuzzle Pages

Printable activity sheets with Bible puzzles.

Puzzle Pages – Christmas Day

Puzzle Pages – John 1:1-14

Puzzle Pages – Advent 1

Puzzle Pages – Advent 2

Puzzle Pages – Advent 3

Puzzle Pages – Advent 4


Walking to Bethlehem cover

Walking to Bethlehem – Advent Devotions

This best-selling book for tots to wrinklies and everyone between. Short readings, quirky reflections, relaxing colouring and simple crafts Just £5 from Amazon or directly from me.
The crafts and colouring pages are photocopy-ready, perfect for your Christmas event.

The Twelve Toys of Christmas

an easy interactive song for your Messy Church, All Age Worship, school assembly or general festive fun.

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