Using Material


tickledpinkYou are very welcome to use these resources for church services and newsletters, for outreach, children’s work, personal devotion or any other purpose in the kingdom of God.

You do not need to ask permission or attribute. But I’d be tickled pink if you let me know when you use my stuff – it’s great to know it’s useful!

Please do not place these resources on another site or otherwise publish them without explicit permission, or pass them off as your own work. You are very welcome to link back to this site. Reflectionary resources may not be sold.

I retain copyright of all my created material. Line drawings, generally, are not my own creations but are generic internet images for which I believe there to be no copyright restrictions. The exceptions to this are the ‘mindfulness colouring’ images, for which I hold copyright. To the best of my knowledge, all other images are either free of copyright, licensed for re-use or I have obtained permission for use here from the copyright holder. If you know any better please inform me.

Bible texts are copyright their various publishers and are quoted under permission.

Creative Commons Licence
Reflectionary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If you wish to attribute, please use: The Reflectionary (c) Fay Rowland  and link back to this site if appropriate –

2 thoughts on “Using Material

  1. Hi, I’ve just discovered your site today – Wow! I love it – will you be doing a script for the Easter story at all? please say yes…keep up the amazing work.x


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