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From Liturgy

Wow, Fay! From the quick look I’m delighted to have been pointed to your site. Even the title is awesome

Rev Bosco Peters



Cabbage Christingle

Thank you for sharing this! We used the idea at our Christingle service and it really helped the message to be shared and understood.


remember-meJeremiah 23:1-6 & Luke 23


Thank you for this. I will be using it tomorrow at St Chad’s Bishop’s Tachbrook.

Elaine Scrivens

Used with thanks at Banora Point Uniting Church, Australia.

Rev Janie French

twocolourmedalsAssembly – Running the Race

Thank you for this, it was just what I need for this Sunday’s informal service with families.
For prayers I am using sports equipment in a lucky Dip bag and giving thanks to God for different parts of our bodies that can “do” stuff. i.e a tennis ball for arms = throwing. Swimming Goggles for our eyes = watching, sports socks for our feet: kicking etc ( remembering to be inclusive for those with differing levels of ability or disability)


PP logoEaster Day – Puzzle Pages

Used the puzzle pages for Palm Sunday and Easter Day – very well received, especially by a young mum who took several copies to use at a family get-together over Easter! Are there any for other times of the year? We’d love to use them at monthly all age services.

Jayne lee

puppetsTwo Men Praying

Hi, I’ve just discovered your site today – Wow! I love it – will you be doing a script for the Easter story at all? please say yes…keep up the amazing work.x

Barbara Bancroft


DAIRY-MILKMark 10:35-45

Great post and thanks for the activity, I have struggling to find something for the children’s address in the morning. This will work great


Very happy to help 🙂

Mother Clanger

be readyMark 13:1-8

This appears to be exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you. I’m using the Mark 13; 1-8 one in our primary school Christian club this morning!

Chris Maclean