That’s Christmas sorted, then! Free 25-page PDF

Apologies for the slightly late arrival of this week’s blog post, but when you see what a bumper post it is, I’m sure you’ll understand.

This week, for one week only, a sackful of Christmas crafts, games and activities perfect for your school, Sunday school or yoof group Christmas party, for Messy Christmas, for your community outreach event or for general family fun. Christmas? Sorted.

Human snowman, finger print cards, light-up Christmas trees, shaving foam treasure hunt, weird bowling, sciencey snowflakes, sun catchers and fluffy stained glass and loads more. 25 PDF pages of Christmas fun, including free printable templates, full instructions and illustrations. Some are explicitly Christian, others not, but all have a ‘To Think About’ section that makes a great conversation starter. Click on the link below to download your free copy.

There are options for tiny tots, and others are great for teens and for the grown-ups too. Some are crafty, some are games. Some are quiet, some are noisy. Some are messy, one is VERY messy, and others are more sane!

writer definition mugI’m a free-lance writer, and while I love what I do, love don’t pay bills.
So if you value having these resources provided for you:
a) I’m really happy they’re useful, and
b) would you consider supporting this work?
The price of a coffee a month would be great [click here] or whatever you can afford. But don’t worry if you can’t. You are very welcome to help yourself for free. Thank you.

–> Click here for your free 25-page PDF of Christmas Crafts and Activities <–

How About Drama?

Walking to Bethlehem cover

If you need Christmas drama (no, not “Granny’s been at the egg-nog again” drama, I mean sketches) check out the two books of scripts in the sidebar. There’s a pop-up nativity and the popular ‘Crisp-tingle’ in the blue one, and ‘The Nativity in TXTSPK’ plus ‘Bold Frankenstein and Mmm-errr’ in the green one.

Remember to grab your copy of the #1 bestselling  (I’m still gob-smacked by that!) Walking to Bethlehem -imaginative devotions for Advent. Just £4.99 from Amazon (or from me, email


Not all of the ideas are original – many have been circulating on the interweb for years. No copyright infringement is intended when referencing other sites. Most photographs are mine, others belong to the websites credited. Do pop along and visit to find more info if you wish.

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