Puzzle Pages – Christmas

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Puzzle Pages are downloadable A4 double-sided sheets in PDF format.
They have colouring, puzzles and activities for children, all linked to the Bible passage.
Use them for:

  • Sunday schools and after-school clubs,
  • sermon activities for children staying in church,
  • school assemblies / CUs,
  • missions / outreach / messy church.

Click here for printable Puzzle Pages (PDF) – Christmas Day

5 thoughts on “Puzzle Pages – Christmas

  1. I am looking for puzzle pages for children staying in church (there’s no capacity to run children’s activities yet but we want to offer something for any families who do come to church). Are you still doing these please?


  2. Hi Louise, I know exactly what you mean. We have similar at our church. I’m not doing any more Puzzle Pages at the moment (existing ones are Advent and Lent) but there are lots of resources in the Together Apart packs far various weeks if any of those fit your themes.
    Blessings Fay xx


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