About Reflectionary

What They Say …

  • “The Reflectionary is a very creative blog with art, object lessons, craft projects, and insightful commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary passages. Definitely worth a look and a follow.” More than Hearing
  • “This is really good ~ thank you! If this Mark example is anything to go by, this is exactly the sort of stuff I’m looking for! As my first real foray into such activities, although it was a little anarchic, the children responded very well to the activity and the prayers afterwards. I am indebted to you.” – Chris Maclean, curate

How to find what you want

The Reflectionary has articles and resources related to the Bible readings in the Revised Common Lectionary. They are posted on Mondays, two weeks ahead of when they are needed, giving you time to prepare for groups or services.

In addition to the main Monday posts, extra items are added most Fridays – children’s puzzle pages, mindfulness colouring, scripts, activities etc.

If you want to search for resources on a particular topic, season or scripture, you can use the search box or the categories on the right. Entries are listed by book and chapter and by the liturgical year (eg Pentecost 14C) in as many ways as possible.

The search box is ‘generous’ with its results, so if you want to search for a particular chapter or week, use quotes, eg “Mark 10”. Otherwise you’ll get every entry featuring either Mark or 10, not just Mark 10.

Each post comprises:

  • One of the set readings for that week from the RCL (mainly gospels at present) with the full text in a modern translation
  • A free-to-use graphic based on the text
  • A reflection on the Scripture with response and prayer
  • A craft or activity that develops the theme
  • Puzzle Pages – children’s printable PDF (certain posts)
  • Mindfulness Colouring (certain posts)

If you like what you see, please pop in a comment to let me know – I’ll be delighted!

Using Reflectionary Material

tickledpinkYou are very welcome to use these resources for church services and newsletters, for outreach, children’s work, personal devotion or any other purpose in the kingdom of God.

You do not need to ask permission or attribute. But I’d be tickled pink if you let me know when you use my stuff – it’s great to know it’s useful!

Please do not place these resources on another site or otherwise publish them without explicit permission, or pass them off as your own work. You are very welcome to link back to this site.

I retain copyright of all my material. To the best of my knowledge, all images are either free of copyright, licensed for re-use or I have obtained permission for use here from the copyright holder. If you know any better please inform me.

Bible texts are copyright their various publishers.

Creative Commons Licence
Reflectionary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If you wish to attribute, please use: The Reflectionary (c) Fay Rowland  and link back to this site if appropriate – reflectionary.org

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