Christingle Bingle!

Oh yes! Bingo for your Christingle!

Keep everyone engaged from tots to grandparents – maybe even the yoof  as well! With a gentle gospel message plus some festive fun, this free downloadable PDF is your Christingle sorted.

Christingle Bingle

You can print off as many cards as you need (there are four versions so that families can all have different ones) and use the included talk to describe a Christingle as you make one.  The talk also links Bible verses from John and Isaiah about Jesus as the Light, with one verse featuring on each card.

Everyone listens out for the words on their cards and when they have five-in-a-row,  that’s Christingle Bingle!

The cards are designed so that everyone will get five-in-a-row at the same time, with the word ‘Jesus’, which ends the talk.

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Christingle Bingle – Click here to download the PDF, including:

  • 4 different Christingle Bingle cards
  • Short talk with the relevant words highlighted
  • Helpful hints



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