Making Waves

Activity Making waves! This is great for the sunny outdoors. If you do it indoors, I recommend a tarpaulin! You will need: Paddling pool filled with water Contents of your recycling bin Straws, paper etc Sticky tape & scissors Coins (for ballast) Plastic cups or jugs Pipe cleaners What to do Make a boat from … More Making Waves

He chose … poorly

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 [Click here for another post on this passage] Saul and David – what a contrast. Saul the self-serving, greedy king – David, the man after God’s own heart. Saul, the people’s choice – David, chosen by God. Saul, the sinner – David, the saint. But hang on (sound effect of a needle … More He chose … poorly


A fun resource for exploring the Parable of the Great Banquet and the excuses we all make to God’s call on our lives.  This simple craft generates over 500 different excuses for not tidying your room / handing in that report to your boss / getting up at 4am for the baby / eating your … More Excuse-O-Matic!

Great Commission / Ascension / Pentecost Resources Round Up

Who expected, a year ago, that we’d still be meeting virtually in a year’s time? Some churches have started back with 3D meetings, some are still on-line, many are a mixture. It’s going to be a while until ‘normal service(s) is resumed’. So here are a whole bunch of Great Commission / Ascension / Pentecost … More Great Commission / Ascension / Pentecost Resources Round Up