If Christmas Happened Today – A Nativity Play

Yes, it’s that time of year. Here is a brand-new Nativity play, called ‘If Christmas Happened Today’. It is set in modern day and has charming transformation into  a traditional crib scene with a short but thoughtful message at the end.

It is designed to work with a range of ages and abilities, so it’s perfect for your Sunday school and youth group. There are cool characters and a bit of comedy acting for your ‘yoof’, and  non-speaking parts that will be easy for your younger children.

Sample P5With minimal costumes and props, this is ideal for the less-than-ideal performance spaces that most of us cope with. Great for your school or Sunday school, and with a variable number of players from 20 to over 30 it can be tailored to fit your situation. Click the image for a sample page.

You can insert carols between scenes if you are using it in a service, or you can run the action straight through. It has a running time of about 20-25 minutes including the talk.

The full script is below. It includes a suggested Christmas message and a carol to accompany the beautiful transformation from modern day to traditional crib scene. Break out the tissues – it’ll have all the grannies weeping!

writer mug 4I’m a free-lance writer, and while I give these resources away for free, they take time and effort to produce, and I need to earn a living!

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If this play does not quite fit the bill, check out the Christmas scripts in my two drama books:

Both books have loads of other scripts as well, plus hints and tips on using drama in church. Check them out. (Then buy them!)

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Click the link below for a free, downloadable PDF of the script of ‘If Christmas Happened Today’. You are welcome to make copies of the script for rehearsals, but you may not distribute them outside your organisation and you must retain the copyright information.

Click here for script -> If Christmas Happened Today [PDF]


Nativity image courtesy of St Clements, Chicago. Thank you.

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