Christmas Round Up

Yes, yes, I know. It’s only mid-October, but there are only 74 sleeps until the big day. Here is your festive round-up of resources for Advent and Christmas, perfect for your Messy Church, youth groups, crib service and school festivities. Christingle Christingle Bingle Oh yes! Bingo for your Christingle! Keep everyone engaged from tots to … More Christmas Round Up

Together Apart Harvest – Feeding the 5000 With Pizza – Plus Video!

John 6:5-13 Feeding the 5000 With Pizza Welcome to  Together Apart, a set of new intergenerational resources for all of us in God’s family. Ten jam-packed pages of great ideas that you can print off and use for free. This week is slightly different because it’s HARVEST! There’s a fab new script revealing how The … More Together Apart Harvest – Feeding the 5000 With Pizza – Plus Video!

Bert Is My Shepherd – New Script (and hilarious if I do say so myself!)

I’m on holiday with my girlies this week, but just to keep things ticking over, enjoy this script written for my church’s recent all-age worship. It’s great for Messy Church or regular services, a youth group activity or Collective Worship when schools are back. Bert Is My Shepherd Meet Bert, the not-so-good shepherd of Psalm … More Bert Is My Shepherd – New Script (and hilarious if I do say so myself!)

Hope Is Coming

OK, one final extra resource, in case of last-minute panics. This script was written for the yoof group at my church, and can be performed with puppets (so you don’t need to learn lines) or by people. Don Key, a chat-show host, interviews Wally Jumper, a shepherd, Dr Wiseman and Mary, (plus their animals) but … More Hope Is Coming

Two Men Praying – Luke 18:9-14

What? What was that? A story? Can I listen too?

Narr: Of course you can. It’s a story that Jesus told, about two man who went to pray, one was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector.

Rod: A Who-isee and a What-alector?

Narr: Oh sorry. A Pharisee was someone who was very religious and was very careful to do everything right. The tax collector was a cheat who took more money than he was supposed to. … More Two Men Praying – Luke 18:9-14

One P’tater, Two P’tater – A Harvest Drama

One P’tater, Two P’tater … This sketch is set in a school for potatoes and features Spud, a potato who thinks he is just ordinary and boring. We find out that in God (Creator P’tater, there’s no greater tater) the ordinary can be extraordinary. There’s plenty of audience interaction, and roles for everyone in your … More One P’tater, Two P’tater – A Harvest Drama


Resources for Aug 25th [Jer 1- Click] [Jer 1 again – Click] [Isa 58 – Click] [Ps 103 (all -age talk) – Click] It’s almost here! What is? The second book of sketches from The Reflectionary! Ta-daaa! 14 brilliant new dramas for your Messy Church, school’s work, Vacation Bible School, holiday clubs, collective worship, all-age services, youth … More Giveaway!