About the Authors


Reflectionary came about during a retreat at Launde Abbey, Leicestershire, and is written by me, Fay Rowland.

I am a graduate student of Theology, Ministry and Mission at Wesley House, Cambridge, and have previously studied at Spurgeon’s College, London. Current academic pursuits include research into the language of prayer in primary-aged children.

When not writing Reflectionary or studying, I teach for a living and spend any spare time being creative. I am (in no particular order) a mum, lecturer, author, knitter, singer, children’s worker, mad scientist and speaker.

I am a huge believer in engaging all the senses to enhance our understanding, and help the head-stuff to reach our hearts. To that end, I am the author of the ‘A Bucketful of Ideas for …’ series of books on activity-based worship. I live in a messy house full of noise and fun and glue sticks.

Richardrichard starling

“Look, See, Pray” started as a way to express my faith and my questions as I struggled with poor health.  Fibromyalgia reduced my ability to serve as a Baptist pastor. So, I retired after 30 years as a minister and decided to find new purpose and a new role in thinking and praying. Turning to two things I have always done for relaxation and creativity, writing and photography, I started a Facebook page and them a blog. Since almost everyone responds to visual triggers, I use my photos to explore theology and spirituality. What I see, helps me to pray. What I think about shapes who I become.
My wife (Juliet) and I share a love for the beauty and grandeur seen in nature, and have enjoyed travel in Europe and  North America. The churches I pastored have been in lovely areas: Derbyshire’s Peak District, Devon’s rugged Dartmoor, and close to the Chilterns and South Downs.  I graduated in Theology at Spurgeon’s College, and trained as a Qualified Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The interface of personality and spirituality fascinates me, and the questions and problems of living Christian faith in the “real world” give plenty of food for thought.
I love books, music, photography, writing, lakes & mountains, and good food; I am hugely grateful for Juliet’s love and patience, and I want to be the best follower of Jesus Christ that I can be. If in the process I can help others to work out stuff about God, and encourage them (and myself) to grow in faith and experience of God’s love, that will be deeply thrilling.
Richard Starling