Isa 60, Mt 2 – Epiphany + Lent Workshops

Welcome to 2023!

Your resources for Epiphany are below including two crafts / active worship, a sketch and two version of The Blessing. But first … you know that Shrove Tuesday is only seven weeks tomorrow, right?

But panic not, fair reader. I have the perfect pre-Lent prep for you. You may have seen my upcoming book, 40 Days with Labyrinths, well I have a discount code for you and a choice of two linked workshops. Woo hoo!

Here’s the book on Darton, Longman and Todd’s website  Get 35% off using the code labyrinth at checkout.

From Jan 27th, it will also be for sale from Amazon, Eden, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones etc and your favourite Christian bookstore (pre-order right now!)  I hope to have plentiful supplies at Launde Abbey and Ely Cathedral, where you can walk full-sized labyrinths as well.

I am also running a series of labyrinth workshops to go with the book – the perfect introduction to this ancient spiritual practice and a great way to jump-start your Lent.

Booking Now Open!

I have some dates free January to April, so if you would like to book a labyrinth workshop for your school, church, youth group, ladies’ fellowship, book club etc, get in contact: fay (at)

There has been a lot of interest in the book already, so have a look at your diary and pick your date before someone else snaffles it. (Sorry, US / Australasian readers, UK venues only.)

What do Workshops Include?

The workshop includes laying out a full-sized labyrinth (indoors or outdoors, subject to space) if wanted; how to draw your own finger labyrinths; printed labyrinths to take home; prayer-based meditation and a guided labyrinth walk. Time, from 1 hour upwards.

I can also run a sewn labyrinth craft, which can be used in addition or as a stand-alone event. This takes from 2 hours upwards. Every participant will make a lap-sized sewn labyrinth to take home. Basic sewing skills required (ie, threading a needle, not stabbing yourself). This is a lovely, soothing experience with Bible readings and music to accompany the sewing

The labyrinth workshop costs £50, or free if you host a bookstall of my books. I’m also happy to sign books. (Generally my own, but I’ll sign anything, quite frankly.)

The sewing workshop costs £50  for up to 12 people, all materials included, £10 for every extra 3 people.

Non-local travel expenses in addition. And cake. Always cake.

(Mileage calculated from my home in the English Midlands, near to Wellingborough @ 40p per mile.)

Epiphany Links

Liturgy Resources for Epiphany

First Sunday after Epiphany (or Baptism of The Lord)

Isaiah 60:1-6, Matthew 2:1-12

Confession and Absolution

For darkness shall cover the earth,
and thick darkness the peoples;
but the Lord will arise upon you,
and his glory will appear over you.

O Lord, we confess that we have loved darkness
and hidden from your light.
We have shut our eyes and failed to see the hurting people around us.
Lord, have mercy.
We have covered our ears against the cries of injustice.
Christ, have mercy.
We have closed our mouths when we should have spoken out.
Lord, have mercy.

In your mercy, gracious God,
deliver us from darkness into the light of your son,
our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Arise, shine; for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon us.

Blessing and Dismissal

May you be like the wise men,
who searched diligently until they found the one they were looking for,
who brought what gifts they had and laid them at the feet of the king,
who encountered God and went home richer than they came.
May you find whom you seek this year.
May you know your gifts and give them.
May you find yourself richer in the giving.
And the blessing of God Almighty,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
be upon you and those you love,
this day and for ever.

Go, as did the wise men, back to your homes,
and know that God goes with you.
In the name of Christ.

And finally, to bless your year, here’s The Blessing, by our church and the official video

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