Epiphany Blessing Boxes – a gift to give and receive


boxBlessing Boxes 

Join the wise men this Epiphany, bringing gifts and finding God’s blessing. This origami gift box has a blessing in the base (and not just the sweets).

When you have finished the sweet treats, you will find words of blessing and peace written in the base, for example Aaron’s blessing from Numbers 6:24-26 (The Lord bless you and keep you …) or Jesus’  promise of peace to his disciples in John 14:27 (Peace I leave with you …)

With full picture instructions in the attached PDF, you can make this for yourself to think about God’s gift of peace to you, or give it as a gift to someone who needs to hear words of blessing. And you can eat the sweets, of course.

It even folds flat for posting, so you can sent God’s blessing to someone you cannot meet with in person. (Perhaps include a photo so that they know how to pop it back up.)

Click here for PDF – Blessing Boxes


Other Epiphany Resources

I know that I need to step back sometimes and get some space to think about the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’. So why not join me in these a gentle reflections for Epiphany?

In case you missed it, here are the popular cut-out-and-fold Epiphany gift boxes (click for link), first posted a couple of years ago.  It’s a beautiful and  very simple craft, no glue or tape required, just fold on the marked lines and – pop! – there it is!

epiphany gift boxesClink on the link for a printable template (PDF) for this lovely gift box, which we can fill with the gifts that we bring to Jesus, whatever they may be.

You can use them for personal devotions or for a touching church service. Prepare the materials in advance for an in-person service, or send the PDF for people to make at home.

One church sent me a photo where they placed their gifts in the nativity scene –  what a beautiful idea!

rivers of BFollowing on, here is a meditation about the wise men (click for link) – late, lost and laughably inappropriate (and yes, the picture is relevant, honest).

You can combine this with the gift-boxes craft for an instant Epiphany service which will work in person or on-line.

May you be blessed with the greatest presence of all, and may God guide us safely into 2021.


5 thoughts on “Epiphany Blessing Boxes – a gift to give and receive

  1. Hi, Fay!

    The links for the meditation about the wise men and the cut-out-and-fold Epiphany gift boxes do not work. They lead to a WordPress site that asks if I want to start a blog.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up Pam. I inadvertently posted the links to the developer version (the one I see) instead of the public-facing version (the one you see). All fixed now, hopefully. Enjoy the resources, have a blessed 2021, and thanks again for letting me know.
      love Fay xx


      1. Thank you, Fay!

        I love the creativity I find on your website! And thank you very much for publishing lessons when much larger groups stopped doing so. You’re amazing!


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