Pentecost Round-Up

Pentecost Resources Together Apart – printable intergen resource pack. Click here to download the PDF Pente’copters – A fab science-and-faith craft with Praise The Lord in languages from Afrikaans to Zulu (You’ll also find this in Together Apart above) Click here for detailed instructions and languages crib sheet for Pente’copters Click here for downloadable PDF of ‘Praise the Lord’ … More Pentecost Round-Up

Wassup? Lk 24

After a wonderful two weeks of no lessons, daughters home from uni and my own body-weight in chocolate, it’s back to normality today. But let’s not be like the disciples who returned to fishing after the resurrection, or the un-named pair on the road to Emmaus who thought the wonderful dream was all over. Sure … More Wassup? Lk 24

Χριστός ἀνέστη – Christ is Risen!

Waaaaaa Hoooooo! I’m guessing you have your Easter sorted, but if not check out this bumper list of stuff. Your Easter Day confession, absolution, blessing and dismissal are at the bottom as usual. And for a fab Easter tradition, see below for how to give the Paschal Greeting* in Greek, English and BSL. In addition, … More Χριστός ἀνέστη – Christ is Risen!

Good, Better, Best (Acts 3) + Eze 37, Ps 130, Rom 8

I am away at a writer’s conference in Cumbernauld, Scotland this weekend. You can see me being smug about the food over on my Instagram feed, but here’s a sample, just to make you jel. (That’s Gen-Z speak for jealous.) Yes, I’m sitting on the top table, feeling very under-dressed and wondering a) which of … More Good, Better, Best (Acts 3) + Eze 37, Ps 130, Rom 8

Psalm 23, Eph 5

All-Age Pack Did you remember a while ago there was a lock-down and no-one could go our or see anyone? During that time I produced all-age resource packs called ‘Together Apart’. Here’s the one for Psalm 23. Click on the link below for a printable 10-page PDF, and remember that ‘All-Age’ does not mean ‘just … More Psalm 23, Eph 5

“My client isn’t in any hurry.” Gen 12, John 3

Liturgy resources at the bottom, Links to Lenten posts here, and a reflection on Abraham, Nicodemus and  Antoni Gaudi following. Enjoy! Lent Links Lenten Tree ‘Fast’ Food – Isa 58 – Fresh ideas for a Lent fast There’s still time to get your copy of The Big Story,  Lent devotions that take you through the Bible … More “My client isn’t in any hurry.” Gen 12, John 3

Cloudy with a Chance of Glory + Making a Prophet (script)

The weather forecast is, “Cloudy, with a chance of glory over high ground.” (Click image to download larger version.) This week’s readings have a lot of clouds. Moses and the cloud, Jesus and the cloud, Peter and his big mouth and the cloud. Following the theme you could add the ascension, the pillar of cloud … More Cloudy with a Chance of Glory + Making a Prophet (script)