Putting Pieces Together- Look, See, Pray

The flower is popping out. The water is a mixture of blue sky reflections with darker transparent patches of shade- the twisted roots and stems can be seen clearly. Varied colours and shapes- purples and greens- of the leaves have an almost random pattern: and we can even see the “waterline” round the leaves where the edges of leaves rest on the water-tension boundary lines. I think this picture would make a challenging jigsaw… … More Putting Pieces Together- Look, See, Pray

Please explain… Look, See, Pray

Tantalising picture?  It gives some information, but isn’t completely obvious. Have a guess… There’s water. And reflections. Quite a bright green, but a nondescript earth or mud- or something. No obvious external point of reference. You’ll have to accept my explanation or choose to disbelieve. Creamy yellow, sky blue, boxy shapes, reflected in water. Those … More Please explain… Look, See, Pray

Spud-Power! Extraordinary hidden in the ordinary

This is a brilliant activity for Harvest celebrations – an up-front demo for All Age Worship or school assemblies, or a try-it-yourself for youth groups, Messy Church, Light Party or classrooms. We’re going to think about the wonder we can find when we look a little deeper into the world around us – by using … More Spud-Power! Extraordinary hidden in the ordinary