Putting Pieces Together- Look, See, Pray

The flower is popping out. The water is a mixture of blue sky reflections with darker transparent patches of shade- the twisted roots and stems can be seen clearly. Varied colours and shapes- purples and greens- of the leaves have an almost random pattern: and we can even see the “waterline” round the leaves where the edges of leaves rest on the water-tension boundary lines. I think this picture would make a challenging jigsaw… … More Putting Pieces Together- Look, See, Pray

Please explain… Look, See, Pray

Tantalising picture?  It gives some information, but isn’t completely obvious. Have a guess… There’s water. And reflections. Quite a bright green, but a nondescript earth or mud- or something. No obvious external point of reference. You’ll have to accept my explanation or choose to disbelieve. Creamy yellow, sky blue, boxy shapes, reflected in water. Those … More Please explain… Look, See, Pray

Spud-Power! Extraordinary hidden in the ordinary

This is a brilliant activity for Harvest celebrations – an up-front demo for All Age Worship or school assemblies, or a try-it-yourself for youth groups, Messy Church, Light Party or classrooms. We’re going to think about the wonder we can find when we look a little deeper into the world around us – by using … More Spud-Power! Extraordinary hidden in the ordinary

Welcome home- Look, See, Pray

The open door and the footsteps on the path remind me of a story.

A young man was impatient, rude, and disrespectful toward his father. Demanding his inheritance, and grabbing the cash, he went off to enjoy living. Friends are easy to find when you’re well off, and money is always easy to spend, so for a while he had fun. Then the money ran out. He tried working on zero-hour contracts, but had a thin time of it. … More Welcome home- Look, See, Pray