Teach us to Pray – Luke 11

It’s The Lord’s Prayer on the lectionary today. Wow, what a topic!

There are bazillions of resources out there, and I’ve listed a bunch of good ‘uns below, ranging from kids’ stuff to academic pondering, via sign language and a finger rosary, and you’ll find a confession based on the Lord’s Prayer in the liturgy section at the bottom. There are also two blessings, which you can use together or separately, linked to the other lectionary readings this week.

There’s also a link to the Hosea text if you are focussing in that. If you know of other resources that readers might find useful, please feel free to drop me a line (fay at fayrowland dot co dot uk) and I’ll add them to the list. 

Stay safe in the heat this week, folks.

Lord’s Prayer Resources

Liturgy for Proper 12

Genesis 18:20-32, Colossians 2:6-19, Luke 11:1-13

Confession and Absolution

Jesus said, “When you pray, say: Father, hallowed be your name.”
Father, we confess that we have not hallowed your name.
We have not lived our lives to your glory, but to our own convenience.
Forgive us, Father.
Forgive us and help us.

Say, “Your kingdom come.”
Father, we confess that our actions and words have not always revealed your kingdom,
but have been bitter or angry or hurtful.
Forgive us, Father.
Forgive us and help us.

Say, “Give us each day our daily bread.”
Father, we confess that we have not looked to you for our daily needs,
forgetting that you are the giver of all good gifts.
Forgive us, Father.
Forgive us and help us.

Say, “Forgive us our debts, for we forgive everyone indebted to us.”
Father, we confess our unforgiveness, a poor response to your great mercy.
Please change us and make us more like you.
Forgive us, Father.
Forgive us and help us.

Judge of all the earth,
in your mercy, forgive us our sins,
renew and remake us in your image,
and raise us to new life in Christ.

Blessing and Dismissal

May you ask, and have it given to you,
May you seek, and find what you need,
May you knock, and see the door opened.
For our Father loves to give good gifts to his children.

And now may the blessing of him
in whom dwells all the fullness of deity,
him in whom you are rooted and established in faith,
him whom have received, even Christ Jesus our Lord,
be upon you and remain with you
as you continue to live your lives in him.

Go in the peace of Christ
to live and work to his praise and glory.

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