Balancing Act – Look, See, Pray

Decidedly odd, flamingoes. Strange shape, awkward looking. Funny colour- it surely isn’t camouflage! Really good at one thing- standing on one leg.

Balance has been on my mind this week- in several different ways.

A combination of hot weather and fibromyalgia flare-up has made me a bit dizzy at times. Dodgy balance makes me feel a little wary! Don’t do anything daft, Richard. (note to self)

Several health “experts” and fitness gurus have been talking about balance, and suggesting standing on one leg as an exercise to prolong fitness (bad timing for a dizzy person…) which could be interesting!

Political balance… as an “independent” voter I find the antics at Westminster disturbing. The worst Prime Minister in my lifetime (my personal and balanced opinion!) has resigned as an incompetent liar with fewer morals than an alley cat. So the candidates to replace him are going to be better balanced. Or, apparently, not. Balanced only by carrying a chip on both shoulders? This is where depending on your own political persuasions you can: a). Applaud my prophetic insight and agree with me & Amos; OR b). Sigh vigorously and think less charitable thoughts… Your choice!

As a man once said, we are free to choose- but not free from the responsibility of that choice.

Enough of politics…

Theology- a nice non-controversial subject! There have been a whole boatload of issues debated online and in print. Some discussion have been spreading light; others merely generating heat!

Well, then. Balance- how can we become properly balanced? First priority- stand on solid ground. Psalm 62 addresses this- “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” Jesus, of course told a parable about wise and foolish builders who built on rock or sand- with consequences! (Matthew 7 v24-21) A life built on the Rock of Ages will have firm foundations.

Second priority: remember that when we walk, we are always slightly off balance- our feet move from stability through instability in order to make progress. As one foot moves, the other stands firm. We have a “moving balance.”

Dare I suggest that our following Jesus is described as a “walk” BECAUSE we need to be moving, a pilgrim people, willing to take a risk, willing to explore and grow- even change our opinions! IF I believe everything exactly the same as when I was a child listening to Bible stories, I have not matured. AS I become more mature, the more of God I can experience and understand. It is a “moving balance” not a rigid formula or fixed position.

Is that risky? Yes- but also exciting! The disciples of Jesus lived a life of constant surprise and bewilderment with wonderful flashes of insight and revelation. Should we do the same? I hope so! At the very least our Christianity won’t be boring! And we will discover a life of love that balances mercy with justice- just like Jesus. Is it just me… or does that sound like fun?

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