Form a Queue! – Look, See, Pray

Have you ever thought about the strange fact that the word “queue” has FOUR silent letters? Queues have been on the news. Fuelled by fuel- the absence of- the great British public has been “hunter-gathering” petrol and diesel and generally blocking the roads near filling stations. Some people have been putting petrol in “just in case” and others have been driven to despair trying to find ANY fuel for essential mileage… … More Form a Queue! – Look, See, Pray


A fun resource for exploring the Parable of the Great Banquet and the excuses we all make to God’s call on our lives.  This simple craft generates over 500 different excuses for not tidying your room / handing in that report to your boss / getting up at 4am for the baby / eating your … More Excuse-O-Matic!

More Relaxing Colouring and Nativity Video (Taa-daa!)

But first – InstaWhatsit Yes, I’ve finally succumbed and joined Instagram. I’ll be posting book updates and writing snippets, pictures of my beloved Dwagony and absolutely NO pictures of my lunch! Find me as @fayrowlandauthor And Second – Nativity Video I’ve spent the last two weeks editing together this video for my church’s Christmas Day … More More Relaxing Colouring and Nativity Video (Taa-daa!)