Epiphany round-up+ new liturgy resources

In case you did not do Epiphany last week, here is a round up of recent Epiphany resources (you can always access these though the menus above or the search box on the side), PLUS a new feature! (ta-da)

Knowing that liturgy resources are often popular posts, I have written a form of confession & absolution, and a blessing & dismissal based on the readings for the upcoming Sunday. I’ll do the same for the next few weeks, and if these prove popular, I will do them every week and then make them into a book when the cycle is complete. Let me know if you think they’re useful.

Epiphany Resources

Chalking the Doorway: A House Blessing for Epiphany, plus mindfulness colouring (and yellow stockings!)

Epiphany Blessing Boxes – a gift to give and receive

Useless gifts

Late, Lost, and Laughably Inappropriate – some thoughts in the Wise Men

Matt 2:1-12 – Ordinary Cloth

Bold, Frankenstein and Mmmm-errr

Confession and Blessing

First Sunday after Epiphany (or Baptism of The Lord)

Isa 43:1-7, Ps 29, Acts 8:14-17, Luke 3:15-22

Merciful God,

We confess that we have not lived in the light of our baptism,
nor walked in the way of your Spirit.
O God who formed us,
Call us by name and redeem us.

You promised to be with us when we pass through waters,
but we forgot, and became overwhelmed with the cares and worries of this world.
O God who formed us,
Call us by name and redeem us.

You call us ‘precious’ and ‘honoured in your sight’,
but we have not honoured you, nor held your name as precious.
O God who formed us,
Call us by name and redeem us.

You created us for your glory,
but we have not shown your glory in our lives.
O God who formed us,
Call us by name and redeem us.

You call us by your name,
but we have not been worthy.
O God who formed us,
Call us by name and redeem us.

May the God who knows each one of us, who formed us and calls us,
have mercy upon us, pardon and deliver us,
as we hear these words:
‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine.’
In the name of Christ,


Go in the strength of the God of glory, whose voice thunders upon the waters.
Go in the power of God the son, who baptises us with the Spirit and with fire.
Go in the joy of God the Spirit, who descends like a dove and assures us.
And may the Lord give his people the blessing of peace,
now and evermore.

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