The Lamb becomes the Shepherd – John 10:22-30 & Revelation 7:9-17

Activity / Meditation You will need Labyrinth [click to download] Large paper or card (optional) Silver foil Blue / green permanent markers Glue Cotton wool balls Sand and pebbles (optional) For a floor-sized labyrinth Chalk, rice or tape to mark the walls blue cloth You can simply print out the labyrinth and use it as … More The Lamb becomes the Shepherd – John 10:22-30 & Revelation 7:9-17

Resurrection? So what? – John 20:19-31

Different people have different reations to the resurrection of Jesus – ranging from “Wow!” through “Yeah, right” to “So what?” and everything inbetween. It was the same in Jesus’ day. Some people believed immediately, some took more convincing. Some saw the miracles, ate the bread and went back to their day jobs, some people were … More Resurrection? So what? – John 20:19-31

Easter Resources – Craft and Bake

Easter Sunday Basket This paper plate Easter basket depicts the garden, empty tomb and Easter morning sunrise. You will need: 1 ½ paper plates for each basket Paints in green, brown/grey, and orange/yellow Sponges for painting (dries quicker than brushing and less messy) Scissors Stapler Metallic marker pen Optional: Flower stickers, shredded paper and eggs … More Easter Resources – Craft and Bake