The Joy of Exploring- Look, See, Pray

The adult in me immediately worries about losing the littl’un, her having an accident, maybe a rampaging fire-breathing dragon leaping from behind the beech trees, or simply risking sensitising Mary-Jane to pollen and a lifetime of hayfever. I’m a RESPONSIBLE person (who worries too much). My inner child-self says “Go for it, kid! Run, explore, discover bees and bluebells, birdsong and trees to play in!” … More The Joy of Exploring- Look, See, Pray


A fun resource for exploring the Parable of the Great Banquet and the excuses we all make to God’s call on our lives.  This simple craft generates over 500 different excuses for not tidying your room / handing in that report to your boss / getting up at 4am for the baby / eating your … More Excuse-O-Matic!