Resources Round-Up and Something Interesting!


Christingle Bingle 1Round-Up of Resources

Here’s a picture of last week’s post, Christingle Bingle, in action, and click [this link] to see a video of the final moment. Such fun! (Seriously, click the link, and make sure the sound is up!)

Thank you to Casey Cross for the pictures and video. Casey says, “Thank you for this! We played it with our 4-6 graders this week and they absolutely loved it!

If you want to use Christingle Bingle, for your school, yoof group, Christingle service or Messy Church, you can download it [here].

Christingle BingleTo remind you, there’s a huge round up of Reflectionary Christmas resources, including dramas and other Christingle talks [here], and a free downloadable 25-page PDF booklet of Christmas crafts [here].

There are also resources from:

Be Part of Something Interesting

When I’m not writing or teaching, I’m studying. My special interest is children’s spirituality and I’m currently undertaking research with Wesley House, Cambridge, part of the Cambridge Theological Federation. And I need your help.

Or rather, I need your children’s help.

four pics

I have a very short quiz game (OK, it’s a survey), called Sticky Talks to God. You can play it on paper (see below) or on-line.

There is a stick person (called Sticky, amazingly), who encounters different situations and feels happy, frightened, sad etc, and talks to God. For each situation I suggest four prayers in different styles, and the child simply chooses the one they like the best. There are no right or wrong answers. The child also has a chance to comment and to compose their own prayer for Sticky, if they want to. I also collect a small amount of non-identifying data for correlation purposes.

Children can be from about 4 years upwards and could be your own children or grandchildren, or any for whom you have responsibility and appropriate permissions. Please make sure that safeguarding protocols are observed as appropriate. You can have a go yourself, if you like. While I’m mainly focused on children and young people, it would be good to have some adults for comparison.

The research has been approved by the CTF ethics committee and forms my dissertation in Theology, Ministry and Mission. Would you consider helping me by allowing any children under your care to play the quiz game? I’d be ever so grateful!

Q8AThere is a paper version with questions to read out and pictures for the children, or there is a online version with videos of me reading out the questions.

For the paper version, please download and printout these PDFs.

Or, click here for the on-line version

Children and young people can use the online version on their own or with an adult. The paper version is designed for an adult to read to a child, but older children can read it for themselves.

At any time during the quiz game you may go to the end, and you can skip any questions (except those giving permission). If you give permission, I will record the answers and use them in my study. At no time will identifying data be collected or stored. It is important to note that because of this, if you or the child later change their mind and wish to have their answers removed from the study, this will not be possible. This research has been approved by the CTF ethics committee and forms my dissertation in Theology Ministry and Mission at Wesley House, Cambridge. The results of my research may be published. If you have any questions or want more info, please do ask.

Please, please, please ask any questions you may have, and please make sure that safeguarding best practices are followed as appropriate. You can contact me via fay [at] fayrowland [dot] co [dot] uk. You can send any responses back to me at that address too.

many thanks,

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