Christmas Resources Round-Up!

Christingle Bingle 1Round-Up of Resources

Here’s a picture of last week’s post, Christingle Bingle, in action, and click [this link] to see a video of the final moment. Such fun! (Seriously, click the link, and make sure the sound is up!)

Thank you to Casey Cross for the pictures and video. Casey says, “Thank you for this! We played it with our 4-6 graders this week and they absolutely loved it!

If you want to use Christingle Bingle, for your school, yoof group, Christingle service or Messy Church, you can download it [here].

Christingle BingleTo remind you, there’s a huge round up of Reflectionary Christmas resources, including dramas and other Christingle talks [here], and a free downloadable 25-page PDF booklet of Christmas crafts [here].

There are also resources from:

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