Simple Liturgies for Advent – Christingle / Advent Candle Prayers

Here are two simple, child-friendly liturgies for making Christingles and for lighting Advent candles. You can use them for all-age worship, for school events, for Messy Church or for regular services. Obviously, the Chocolate Orange Christingle also works with regular oranges. The Advent prayers (below) can be used one each week, or all at once … More Simple Liturgies for Advent – Christingle / Advent Candle Prayers

Sweet Flower- Look, See, Pray

Long agoFar awayin the darka new beginning began. Child of eternitytaking humanityas Mary and Josephtook responsibility. Baby to cherish,witnessed by angelsby shepherdsa Star. The most fruitful harvestcomes from tender petals…Sweet flower.The One true Saviourembraced our frail shell. It’s done.Jesus is born in humble placewith giftsgold, frankincense and myrrhforetellinga Cross in His futureand thenResurrection. This is … More Sweet Flower- Look, See, Pray

God Is With Us – Everywhere! A (Covid-safe) Nativity Play

God Is With Us – Everywhere! Hot off the press! A brand-new rhyming Nativity play suitable for Covid-safe performance, either in (distanced) person or on pre-recorded video. Free sample PDF of script below It’s snappy and sassy – modern with a meaningful message. Mary and Joseph have mobile phones, and the wise men are confused … More God Is With Us – Everywhere! A (Covid-safe) Nativity Play


Resources for Aug 25th [Jer 1- Click] [Jer 1 again – Click] [Isa 58 – Click] [Ps 103 (all -age talk) – Click] It’s almost here! What is? The second book of sketches from The Reflectionary! Ta-daaa! 14 brilliant new dramas for your Messy Church, school’s work, Vacation Bible School, holiday clubs, collective worship, all-age services, youth … More Giveaway!