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bucket drama 2 kindle cover final

It’s almost here! What is? The second book of sketches from The Reflectionary! Ta-daaa!

14 brilliant new dramas for your Messy Church, school’s work, Vacation Bible School, holiday clubs, collective worship, all-age services, youth work and just general jollity.

Out in Kindle and paperback on Aug 31st and available for pre-order right now, you can get your grubby mitts on this ready for the new term and (dare I mention it?) Christmas.

And to celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m giving away a copy of the companion volume (the green one) to anyone who orders the new, blue e-book or paperback on or before 31st Aug.

Someone will get a whopping 26 skits, sketches and puppets shows, covering everything from Jonah’s attempts at Welsh and Abraham’s call to texting angels and Jesus’ parables how you’ve never heard them before! Plus plenty for the festive season (I just mentioned it again) with a brilliant Christingle script,  Advent sketches and Nativity plays including a no-rehearsal Pop-Up Nativity.

I  know, a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? Try to contain your excitement.

To enter, you just need to pre-order the e-book (click below to try-before-you-buy) or order the paperback on 31st Aug (Amazon doesn’t do a pre-order for books, sorry).  Then send me an email  to tell me you’ve ordered ( by 5th Sept and I will choose one lucky winner to receive a signed paperback of book 1 of the series.
(BTW I’m a complete numpty, and when this post went out, the email address above was wrong. I’ve corrected the typo now, so please accept my apologies if you tried to enter and could not. You can send your entry to the correct address now. Sorry again.)

I can’t post links to the paperback version yet, but it will be appear on the Kindle page on Aug 31st. Please click on the link for the country you order from.

UK Amazon

US Amazon

Canadian Amazon

Australian Amazon

Reviewers say:
“Witty, punchy and thought-provoking.”
“Lots of good ideas here.”
“The scripts are funny, punny, expository and engaging.”
“This went down a storm today!”
“A Bucketful of Ideas – ideas to educate, entertain and evangelise.”
“I’ve just discovered your site today – Wow! I love it.”
“Delivers the timeless truths of scripture in a modern and punchy manner.”

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