Simple Liturgies for Advent – Christingle / Advent Candle Prayers

Here are two simple, child-friendly liturgies for making Christingles and for lighting Advent candles. You can use them for all-age worship, for school events, for Messy Church or for regular services. Obviously, the Chocolate Orange Christingle also works with regular oranges.

The Advent prayers (below) can be used one each week, or all at once while lighting all five candles.

Chocolate Orange Christingle

You will need

  • Chocolate orange
  • Red sticky tape, ribbon or paper strip 21cm long (width of A4 is perfect)
  • Glue stick (for paper) or glue dots (for ribbon)
  • 4x cocktail sticks
  • Soft sweets
  • Birthday cake candle +holder

Christingle Prayers

Turn orange upside down, so that the label is on the bottom.
Talk about the orange symbolising the world.

Creator God,
thank you for the wonderful world we live in.
Thank you for homes and family, for friends and pets.
Help us to notice the good around us every day.


Add the red strip around the middle of the orange.
Talk about the red representing the broken-ness of the world and us.

Forgiving God,
we are sorry for the wrong things we do
that hurt your world and make things bad.
Please forgive us and help us to look after your world and each other.


Put sweets on the sticks.
Talk about the sweet reminding us of all the good things we have

Generous God,
thank you for all the good food that the earth produces.
Thank you that we can eat healthy food and sweet treats.
Please teach us to be generous to those who do not have enough.


Push the sticks in to the orange between the segments.
Talk about the four sticks representing all of time (seasons) and space (directions).

Eternal God,
You are with each one of us at all times: spring, summer, autumn and winter;
and in all places: north, south, east and west.
Thank you that you are always near.


Push the candle holder into the top of the orange, then add the candle.
Talk about the candle representing Jesus, who brings light into darkness, and who came at Christmas to be God With Us.

Loving God,
you sent Jesus to be the Light of the World,
so that you could be with us,
and we could be with you.
Thank you for Jesus and thank you for Christmas.

Advent Candles

God of Hope,
who spoke words of promise through the prophets long ago,
speak hope into our hearts today
as we patiently wait for your son, Jesus
through whom every promise is ‘Yes’.

God of Love,
who reached down from heaven to draw us to your love,
so fill our hearts with your love that it spills out to all those around,
for the sake of your son, Jesus,
who loved us and gave himself for us.

God of Joy,
who sent angels to proclaim Good News to the shepherds,
may we share their joy and wonder and see the baby beyond the tinsel,
as we rejoice in the birth of Jesus,
who brings joy to the world.

God of Peace,
who speaks peace to those who are far off and peace to those who are near,
be present with us in our peace-less world,
and dwell in our hearts richly today,
through your son, our Prince of Peace.

God of Hope, God of Love, God of Joy, God of Peace,
you dwell in glorious light and yet you choose to live among us.
May your Spirit fill us with the light of your love and kindness
as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Light of the World.
One God, now and forever.

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