Free Day- Look, See, Pray

Diary entry… “Free Day.”

“Hang on,” you say… “Aren’t you retired? Every day is a free day!”

I wish! There are plenty of things to make me busy. It’s easy to become over-committed, and end up as tired as when I worked full time. Yet I believe “rest” and re-creation are really important. Time is under my control now, so I can choose when to work and when to relax. But only if I remember to manage my time wisely! Hence “Free Day” written in the diary. It prevented me or anyone else landing me with a job!

What has happened on my “free day”?

I have pottered in my garden: the photo is of my favourite Petunia, “Night Sky.” Dandelions and rampant weeds have made the acquaintance of the council brown bin. Seedlings potted on, bird feeders restocked, photos taken, then lunch under the rose arbour. Delightful!

Watching and listening is an education: it may only be a small garden, but there is plenty of life. Robins are nesting in the wooded area over the fence, and getting quite accustomed to “Cafe Richard.” Our small Bee Hotel has residents now after being vacant for a while. A Brimstone butterfly, an Adonis Blue, a bee-fly, and a chorus of birdsong completed the backdrop of Nature.

God set the principle of re-creation time: “Six days shall you labour, and on the seventh rest.” It’s taken a long time, but I’ve eventually realised God knows best! Trying to do too much, too long, too often is a recipe for brokenness, not a pattern to be commended.

All round- a lovely day of enjoying being free to choose how to enjoy the gift of a special day. Thanks, Father God.

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