Though Broken… Look, See, Pray

Wind. Rain. Slugs and bugs… it’s tough, being a tree. It all starts out bonny in the Spring, then imperfection takes over. Somehow life keeps going- and the purpose of fruitfulness is expressed. These small trees line the bypass near here, a mix of hawthorn, blackthorn and sloes. Spring blossom is cheery and bright- and the crop of berries & sloes feed the wildlife, and sloes can make a fine gin!More Though Broken… Look, See, Pray

Seeking the Silence- Look, See, Pray

My quiet place these days is often the beach. That could be a me-twin in the photo, the little figure silhouetted against the sea. On an evening like this the sea is gently swishing, the lightest of breezes caress my face, and the Sun slides away to sleep behind the darkening clouds. Every now and then a plaintive seagull intrudes harshly or an excited dog barks with joy at the sheer delight of being at the beach. … More Seeking the Silence- Look, See, Pray