Can You Guess? Look, See, Pray

An odd selection of things… can you guess what this job-lot is used for? Yes! Holiday Club!

It’s that time of year when the schools close for summer and churches start their annual Holiday Clubs. Some will remember fondly being part of clubs- others will with sigh with a mixture of excitement and terror! Children in large groups, high spirits and energy to burn. Adults with zany ideas and peculiar costumes, with lively songs, games, bubble-makers and a WATERGUN. (Essential disruptive equipment!)

Our club is called “Taste and See” with a food theme. Manna, bread, loaves and fishes, and puddings have made appearances and the Fun-o-meter has hit 89% with one day to go. There’s a baddie, a few good ‘uns, and me to cause mayhem in the nicest possible way. Let the bubbles begin!

Why are we doing it? Two good reasons: 1. it’s fun and kids deserve fun; 2. It’s about Jesus and kids deserve to hear about His special love and life.

Can I suggest some prayer topics?

  1. Thankfulness for the clubs and leaders who influenced us when we were kids.
  2. Prayer for the thousands of children and youth who will be at clubs this year.
  3. Stamina and anointing for the leaders!
  4. For Christians and churches who may re-discover passion and fun at all ages.
  5. If you and your church have a holiday club- that God will bless people through it.

Jesus told stories. Kids loved Him, and He insisted that no-one should harm or hurt children; but let them come to Him to be loved and accepted. In our way, we’re putting His words into practice- and having fun. God loves it when we enjoy life to the full. That’s what Jesus said- “I have come to bring abundant life, Life to the maximum.” (John 10 v10)

Let’s join in. At home, work, or Holiday Club- Lord Jesus, send Your Spirit of Holy Love.

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