Ash Wednesday Round-Up +Liturgy Resources

This week we have Confessions and Absolutions, Blessings and Dismissals for the last Sunday before Lent and for Ash Wednesday – in fact there are TWO confessions for Ash Wednesday. Goodness, what a bumper crop!

But before that, here is a round-up of all the Shrove Tuesday / Ash Wednesday / Lent resources that you can find on this website. Plus other resources from around the net.
If I were you, I’d grab a cup of tea right now, ‘cos it’s going to take a while to go through all of this.

Shrove Tuesday / Ash Wednesday / Lent Resources

From The Reflectionary

There’s still time to get your copy of The Big Story,  Lent devotions that take you through the Bible from before the beginning of everything to the glory of Easter Day. Check out the links on the right.

And for inter-gen resources on nine of the Bible’s biggest failures, you can get Broken Bits & Weirdness, which shot to Amazon’s #1 slot in Bible Meditations when it launched! Links on the right.

Puzzle Pages

Printable, double-sided A4 sheets of puzzles linked to the events of Holy Week. Each week of Lent focuses on one event from Holy Week, and links with the Lenten Tree above.

puzzle pages

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From other places on t’Interweb (no endorsement implied)

Liturgy Resources

Last Sunday after Epiphany

Exodus 34:29-35, 2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2, Luke 9:28-36

Confession and Absolution

God of mercy, God of grace,
we confess that we have not reflected your glory
in all that we have said, done and thought.

We have hardened our minds and chosen to do what we know is wrong.
Forgive us, Lord.
Forgive us and help us.

We have veiled our eyes and refused to see the needs of those around us.
Forgive us, Lord.
Forgive us and help us.

We have turned away from your glory and put our own wishes above yours.
Forgive us, Lord.
Forgive us and help us.

Transform us, Lord, we pray, into your image
that we might behold you with unveiled faces,
and be changed from glory to glory
by your mercy
in Christ.

May the God who spoke to Moses as one speaks to a friend
speak also to you with words of compassion and forgiveness.
And may you hear his voice,
and know yourself forgiven.

Blessing and Dismissal

May the Father, who spoke from the cloud, speak to you this day.
May the Son, who was transformed into radiance, transform you into his image.
May the Spirit, who changes us from glory into glory, fill you daily and overflow to all around you.

And may the blessing of the Lord of Glory,
be upon you, around you and within you,
today and always.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
In the name of Christ.


Ash Wednesday

Isaiah 58:1-12, Psalm 51:1-17

Confession and Absolution

Have mercy upon me, O God,
according to Your lovingkindness.

According to the multitude of your tender mercies,
blot out my transgressions.
Wash me thoroughly from iniquity,
and cleanse me from my sin.

Have mercy upon me, O God,
according to Your lovingkindness.

For I acknowledge my transgressions,
and my sin is always before me.
Against you, you only, have I sinned,
and done what is evil in your sight.

Have mercy upon me, O God,
according to Your lovingkindness.

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Cast me not away from your presence,
nor take your Holy Spirit from me.

Have mercy upon me, O God,
according to Your lovingkindness.

May the God of all mercies
restore to us the joy of his salvation,
and renew a right spirit within us,
that our tongues might sing aloud of his righteousness
and our mouths show forth his praise.

Confession and Absolution

We confess that we have not fasted from injustice,
but our eyes have turned from those in need.

We have not fasted from quarrelling,
but our words have been hasty and unkind.

We have not fasted from doing as we please,
but our deeds and thoughts have dishonoured your name.

Forgive us, Lord, we pray,
and teach us a fast acceptable to you.
Show us your mercy,
and rebuild in us what is broken.

May the God of all mercy loose from us our chains,
break the yoke of guilt from our shoulders
and set us free to serve him.

Blessing and Dismissal

God go before you and be your rear guard.
God make your light dawn in the darkness.
God give you rest continually,
and fill your soul with brightness.

And may the blessing of our God of mercy
be upon you and those whom you love
this day and always.

Go now, and serve the Lord.

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