Raging waves- Look, See, Pray

The last few days and seen stormy weather. Although sheltered, this part of the coast can get quite spectacular!  Alongside the mixed-up weather systems, the political shenanigans we have witnessed in Parliament have brought shame on the reputation of many politicians.

All the uncertainty and bitterness being expressed is symptomatic of a nation that has lost its way and become divided. Where is help coming from? Very few MPs inspire confidence (whatever one’s own political views may be!).

calm the seas turmoil

Ancient songs may seem an unlikely source of hope. Yet there is one collection of songs that captures the whole gamut of human emotion and experience- the Book of Psalms as found in the Old Testament.

Our question are not unique. Through the centuries people have discovered that opening our mouths in prayer and praise is amazingly health-giving. Despite the troubles and turmoil of life, the Living God stands firm in authority and is full of mercy.

Are you troubled by the state of the nation? May I suggest you read Psalm 65. Meditate on its words. Imagine yourself present in a great crowd calling out to God in their confusion and need- and finding hope in the past actions of the Lord God. Remembering those acts of power and mercy builds confident faith. All is NOT lost. This too shall pass.

Who stills the raging of the waves? Who calms the turmoil of the nations? To whom shall we go?

Answering those questions may bring to mind the Jesus who calmed the storm that threatened to drown his twelve friends. It may also remind us that Jesus carries the title “Prince of Peace.”

Spend a few minutes in silent prayer. Commit your concerns to God. Make the decision to trust Him even if everything else is being shaken and battered. Finish that prayer by repeating these words:  Psalm 65:7  “You, God, quieted the raging oceans with their pounding waves; and silenced the shouting of the nations.”

Peace. Be still. Do not be afraid. Be at peace- for the Lord your God is WITH you.


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