Activity – Last and First, with Chocolate!

Here’s a very graphic illustration of one of Jesus’ favourite topsy-turvey sayings. And it involves chocolate – what more could one want?DAIRY-MILK

You will need prizes, some bigger and some smaller, such as a big bar of chocolate, some medium bars and some chocolate coins. Have people line up to get the chocolate, with the front of the queue nearest the prizes. Emphasise that their position in the queue matters.

When they are lined up, give people 30 seconds to change their place in the queue if they want to. Wave the top prize at them while they (hopefully) jostle to get to the front of the queue.

Take the top prize and give it to the person at the back of the queue, and give out all the other prizes working back to the start.

Suggested Texts

  • 1 Sam 16
  • Matt 19:30
  • Matt 20:16
  • Mark 10:31
  • Luke 13:30
  • Luke 14:7-11
  • Phil 2:5-11



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