Activity – Bright Heart

This activity illustrates that the inside is what counts. You could use it in an informal church service, a Sunday school or youth group or an RE lesson.

You each need a heart shape, about 5cm (2″) wide that is black on one side and silver on the other. You could cut the heart from mirror card and colour the back with a black marker, or you could stick foil to one side of a heart cut from black card.tissue paper

You also need some squares of tissue paper in various colours. They need to be big enough to make a bag to hold the heart, so 15cm (6″) is a good size.

You will also need some sticky tape or glue sticks.

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Fold a tissue paper square in half and glue down two sides to make a bag. Decorate the bag with pieces torn from other squares so that it has many colours when you look through it.

Put the heart inside the bag and look at the black side. The bag looks lovely on the outside, but the black heart spoils it. There is no point having the lovely colours on the outside if the heart inside is full of darkness.

Turn to the other side and look at the shiny heart. If your heart is full of light then the colours of the outside show brightly.

Suggested Texts

  • 1 Sam 16:7
  • Psalm 24:4
  • Psalm 51:10
  • Prov 17:3
  • Jer 17:9
  • Eze 11:19-21
  • Eze 36:26
  • Matt 5:8
  • Matt 15:18
  • Mark 7:15, 21
  • Luke 12:34
  • Luke 16:15
  • Acts 28:27
  • Rom 1:21
  • Eph 6:6
  • 1 Tim 1:5
  • Titus 1:15
  • Jas 4:8

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