Jesus and the Little Children

Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:13-16, Luke 18:16


  • Jesus – can be co-opted teacher or parent, very few lines.
    Sits facing backwards, away from action, talking silently to an invisible crowd.
  • Narrator – main part, also acts as bouncers (disciples) with text in italics.
    Could fold arms when being bouncer, and read at lectern when narr to show change in part. Could split parts.
  • Children – adult on knees with children from audience, or adult with people puppets.

One day, Jesus was talking to the people. He was telling them about God – how much God loves them and wants them to love him back.
There were some children nearby, and they wanted to hear about God too.

Let’s go and listen to Jesus, shall we? (children or puppets agree)

So the children tried to go to Jesus, but the grown-ups would not let them.

Oy, you can’t go in there!

But we’ve come to see Jesus

Nope, Jesus is busy. You’ll have to go away.
If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in!

Oh, right. Sorry.­­ (go away sad)

So the children went away sad. (Ahhh)
They were sadder than that. (Ahhhhhhh)

What shall we do? I really want to listen to Jesus, don’t you? (puppets agree)
What’s that you say? We could try to sneak in? That’s a good idea!

So the children tried to sneak in to see Jesus. The crept around behind some bushes and were nearly there when …

Oy! You lot! Didn’t I tell you to go away? Now hop it!

Oh, right. Sorry.­­ (if not good enough Ahhh) We’re still sad, you know.

So they tried another idea – disguises! (gives disguises to children/puppets)
They put on hats and sunglasses and scarves and tries to pretend they were grown-ups.

This is bound to work this time. Don’t you think? We’re sure to get to Jesus. What do you think he’s saying?

So the children boldly walked up to where Jesus was talking. Would they get through this time? Let us see …

(in deep voice) Excuse me please, stand aside. We are very important people who have come to see Jesus.

Really? Very important people?

Yes, and we’re grown-ups too. We’re not children in disguise or anything.

Are you sure? ‘Cos I think you’re the cheeky young children who keep trying to see Jesus.

Well, (in normal voice) I suppose so. But we really, really want to see Jesus. Can’t we come in please?

No. Jesus is too busy. Listen, he’s talking about very important stuff, and it’s only for very important people.

(Half turning so that we can hear what he’s saying to the crowd)
… and so that means let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.
Ah, hello children! I was wondering when you’d get here. Come along in, I’ve got some wonderful things to tell you about God. (children go in and sit as he turns back and resumes talking silently to crowd)

Well, yeah. That’s what I said – Jesus is talking to only very important people

So Jesus welcomed the children as his friends and of course he had time for them. He wasn’t too busy because Jesus is never too busy to spend time with us. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, if you are clever or foolish, if you are tall or short, rich or poor, black or white or pink or yellow or green. You matter. Everyone counts as a very important person to Jesus.

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