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tickledpinkYou are very welcome to use these resources for church services and newsletters, for outreach, children’s work, personal devotion or any other purpose in the kingdom of God.

You do not need to ask permission or attribute. But we’d be tickled pink if you let us know when you use Reflectionary stuff – it’s great to know it’s useful!

Please do not place these resources on another site or otherwise publish them without explicit permission, and do not pass them off as your own work. You are very welcome to link back to this site. Reflectionary resources may not be sold, except by the authors.

Authors retain copyright of all their created material. To the best of our knowledge, all other images are either our own, free of copyright, licensed for re-use, or reproduced with appropriate permission. If you know any better please inform us.

Bible texts are copyright their various publishers and are quoted under permission.

Creative Commons Licence
Reflectionary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If you wish to attribute, please use: The Reflectionary (c) Fay Rowland  (or guest author) and link back to this site if appropriate –

14 thoughts on “Using Material

  1. Hi, I’ve just discovered your site today – Wow! I love it – will you be doing a script for the Easter story at all? please say yes…keep up the amazing work.x

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  2. I have just been asked to place daily readings in the bulletin each Sunday. Thanks for formatting the Lenten journey in this way. I can’t wait to use them.

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  3. Hi Fay.

    I’ve downloaded a kindle version of your ‘A(nother) Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama!’ which is amazing and I’ve filmed myself using ‘Crisp-Tingle’ using my wife and son under the puppets who we dress up as a christingle.

    We thought you’re script was hilarious and so effective that with your permission, I’d love to use this as a youtube Christingle talk as I can’t go into school at the moment. I mentioned it to a friend and now the deanery would also love to use it. I’ll only use it if you give me permission, but I can either make it an unlisted Youtube video (which means no-one except those with the link will be able to view it) or if you’re happy I could make it a public video and then use it as part of our Christingle service for the church as well. I filmed it first to see how it would come across on the camera and am really pleased with the result. If you’d like to see what I’ve done I’ll happily send you the link to the private video which I’ve just created.

    Thanks for equipping the church with amazing, funny and powerful scripts.


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    1. Hi Dan,
      Sure, that would be absolutely fine. It’s great to see the scripts jump off the page and come alive, and it’s fab that folks like you take the message out, so many thanks 😊 By all means make it public. If it’s OK with you I’d love to list it on my blog as well so that other folks can access it.
      Fay xx


      1. Many thanks Fay.
        That’s brilliant. I’m finishing it all off next week but am happy for people to access it as it is. It’s currently without introduction and a closing prayer, but it’s here alongside a wonderful song which I’ve also had permission for. I’ll tweak the credits with a thank you to you. When I uploaded it earlier it was for our Deanery chapter to have an idea of what I’d created and they knew I was awaiting your permission.

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  4. Fay, thank you for allowing this material to be shared. I’ve shared it across St Helen’s Deanery and with the Children’s Advisor for Liverpool Diocese. It sounds like there may be some churches using it in schools in Bath as well, and my Dad is using it in Staffordshire. If anyone wants to use the full Christingle video I’ve created using Fay’s brilliant ‘Crisp-TIngle’ alongside Alison Brewers Song ‘The First Christmas Song’ you’re very welcome. As long as you don’t remove the credits with the copyright acknowledgements, I’d be happy to share the main file with you to cut out my intro and outro and make it your own. I think the more we can share what we’re doing the better. With lots of love and thanks from all of us at St Mark’s Church Haydock. My email is

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  5. Hi, I really like your Christ the King refection. I’m sure it will resonate with many young and old alike. I intend to use it in our upcoming newsletter which also goes on our parish bloggspot. I shall of course give full accreditation of the source and author which hopefully will encourage others visit your site and look at your other great content. Please let me know if you have any objections.

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