Advent 2 & Lullaby

Gentle Reader, Please forgive a slight departure from today’s lectionary texts, but this post from fellow ACW member Steve Dawson smacked me round the chops like a damp haddock, and I felt it right to repost her, in its entirety. You’ll find plenty of Advent links below and your liturgy resources at the the bottom. … More Advent 2 & Lullaby

Third Sunday in Easter – Acts 9, Ps 30, Rev 5 & Jn 21

Oh yes, this week’s liturgy resources allude to all four RCL passages! Count ’em, FOUR! (But, of course, you can use the confession and absolution, blessing and dismissal at any time, not just on weeks when you have those readings.) For reflections and printable craft on John 21, see this post. It’s always lovely to … More Third Sunday in Easter – Acts 9, Ps 30, Rev 5 & Jn 21

Advent Devotionals – 2 – Children / Families

This is the second round up of Advent devotionals, this time focussing families, children and all-age. The books come from a post on The Hope Filled Family by my friend and fellow ACW (Association of Christian Writers) member, Lucy Rycroft. She goes into much more detail than I have space for here, so I recommend … More Advent Devotionals – 2 – Children / Families

New Books! Plus ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ Drama Script

Always exciting, getting a parcel! And even more exciting when it’s a loads of brand-new books. Mmmn, that new-book smell! (Sadly, probably solvents that melt your brain.) Get your sticky mitts on one today in paperback or Kindle and rememebr that there’s a free book up for grabs if you buy a copy and send … More New Books! Plus ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ Drama Script