Advent Devotionals – 3 – Personal

This is the third and final round up of Advent devotionals, this time focussing lovely books just for you.

The book suggestions come from a post on The Hope Filled Family by my friend and fellow ACW (Association of Christian Writers) member, Lucy Rycroft. She goes into much more detail than I have space for here, so I recommend that you pop over to her blog for more information on these books and many others. All are by ACW members.

Naturally, I’m going to mention my chart-topping Advent book first, Walking to Bethlehem, now re-issued by a new publisher, with updated insides. The new version will be available from Amazon shortly and from your local bricks-and-mortar store shortly after that.


But just before we get to the recommendations, exciting news!
My latest book, ‘So You’ve Finished Writing, Now What?’ is out TODAY! (Paperback and Kindle) Here’s the obligatory blurb:

You’ve finished the writing – brilliant! Well done.
Now you have to get your words out there, into the sweaty mitts* of your readers. But how?

Best-selling non-fiction author, Fay guides you with humour and helpful insight through the maze of the editing process and out into the wonderful world of publishing.

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So what are you waiting for, the credits? 

Perfect for new authors, aspiring authors and anyone who has ever pressed ‘send’ and then spotted the typo. Which is all of us.

Fay writes popular and academic non-fiction, both indie and traditionally published. This is her seventh solo-authored book, many topping their respective charts. She has been involved in book and magazine production since the 1980s and has taught layout and editing courses.

* Eeew!

You can see me being all excited about getting my author copies over on my author website That’s also where I’m going to be moving most of my book posts, to leave more room of here for free resources.

And now to the books

30 Days with Mary

by Emily Owen

Paperback and Kindle

30 days

What must it have been like to be Mary, from her teenage encounter with an angel, to the awesomeness of realizing her crucified son is alive again?

Using a fictionalised ‘Dear Diary’ style excerpt from Mary’s diary, this takes a new look at the traditional story. Each day features a Bible passage, a devotional and a prayer, plus a quick note from Mary at the end.


Buy on Amazon

The Advent Creative Retreat Activity Book

by Mark and Mary Fleeson (of Lindisfarne Scriptorium fame)


5 chapters

The Advent Creative Retreat Activity book is the newest of a series of Retreat books written and illustrated by Mary & Mark Fleeson. It’s an A6 20-page book with readings, prayers and activities split into sections to help you take time out with God.

This  book from the takes us through Advent with Hope, Prepare, Joy, Love and Life with prompts to write or draw your responses. Perfect for adult, teens or older children, this is part activity book, part devotion.

Buy on Amazon

Advent Treasure

by Liz Carter

Paperback and Kindle

25 devotions

So many of us are overwhelmed with life and struggling with many things – illness, grief, mental health issues – and long to take time over Advent to reflect, but find that we only have capacity for something bite-sized.

This book is designed for those who are finding life tough and who need to be uplifted by hope, with one page per day for easy access. Each day you will find a short piece of poetry, a Bible passage, a short reflection and a prayer.

Buy on Amazon

Christmas: God’s Promise Kept

by Sarah Tummey

Paperback and Kindle

25 devotions

‘Christmas: God’s Promise Kept’ explains, in simple terms, the story of the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus. Each day focusses on an Old Testament prophecy and its fulfilment in Jesus’ birth, life, death or resurrection.

Linking the Old Testament to its fulfilment in Jesus, this book helps us to see the Christmas story in the way that the original characters would have seen it. Short, easy-to-read, and perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the Jewish background of Christmas.

Buy on Amazon

Into the Heart of Advent

by Penelope Wilcock

Paperback and Kindle

25 devotions

Penelope Wilcock invites you to listen in on twenty-five conversations she’s had with Jesus about the Christian journey and the meaning of Advent. Get ready to be surprised and challenged, as you hear Jesus’ own take on the original Christmas and what it means for our world twenty centuries later.

These imagined conversations with Jesus are beautifully written and captivating. Each day starts with a scripture reading from Old or New Testament and links this with our daily lives in a creative and powerful way. This is not a traditional Advent devotion, there are no ‘discussion questions’ or commentaries, but it is a lovely way to reset our tired minds this Advent.

Buy on Amazon

Lean Towards the Light this Advent and Christmas

by Christine Aroney-Sine  and Lisa DeRosa

Paperback and Kindle

64 devotions (Celtic Advent, November 15th to Epiphany, January 6th)

A collection of reflections, personal stories and warm humour, this is a compilation from 33 different authors, whose styles and points of view make a refreshing selection box to take your from mid-November to early January.

  • Celtic Advent: Preparing Our Hearts
  • Week 1 of Advent: Waiting in Silence
  • Week 2 of Advent: Waiting for a Vulnerable God
  • Week 3 of Advent: Living In Hope
  • Week 4 of Advent: Lean Towards the Light
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Through Epiphany

Buy on Amazon

The Whole Christmas Story

by Jo Swinney

Paperback and Kindle

37 studies

Starting with creation in Genesis and ending with the new creation in Revelation, this book takes you through the whole Christmas story with Bible studies aimed at adults and older teens. Perfect for those who want to link the traditional Christmas story to the rest of the Bible.

“Advent is a time to remember and reflect on the Christmas story and the baby at its heart. But the virgin birth, the manger, the mysterious eastern visitors and their portentous gifts – all these hint at a much grander narrative. Come and explore the whole Christmas story, and find your place within it.”

Buy on Amazon

Affiliate links take you to Amazon where anything you buy helps to support the free resources I give away on The Reflectionary. No information about you is passed in either direction and the price you pay is the same. Many are also available from your local Christian bookstore or from Eden.

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