Being – A Poem

Guest post by poet Tony Wager Pixels On the TV is an image Empty cross and empty tomb Set within a sea of candles Throwing light into the room As I near the illustration Study how the pictures made Notice how it’s all constructed Little lights on background laid Every one, a different pixel Shining … More Being – A Poem

Being – Wall

This icon, Christ of Maryknoll, was created when Br. Robert was living in Albuquerque, NM – a common destination for immigrants coming from the south. It shows Christ on one side of a barbed wire fence, looking longingly at the other side. Have we put up the fence and imprisoned Christ? Or have we imprisoned … More Being – Wall

Being -Evening Meal

Take a few moments from your busyness to sit with this picture, and wonder. I wonder what it felt like to be there. I wonder what the people are looking at. I wonder what they are saying and not saying. I wonder what is happening outside. I wonder when that started.   Credits Das Abendmahl or … More Being -Evening Meal