Being – A Poem

Guest post by poet Tony Wager

Pixelsben day dots

On the TV is an image
Empty cross and empty tomb
Set within a sea of candles
Throwing light into the room
As I near the illustration
Study how the pictures made
Notice how it’s all constructed
Little lights on background laid
Every one, a different pixel
Shining green or red or blue
Obedient to master signal
Guiding them on what to do.
Now too close, I lose perspective
All I see are coloured dots
here and there are empty spaces
Blackness in those vacant spots
Maybe I can join the picture
Fill a darkened waiting hole
But what light could I deliver
What would be my coloured role
Signals pull me ever closer
Power flows into my heart
Then subsumed into the picture
Shining out, to play my part.
Remembering the vivid image
Of the view from far away
Cross and tomb with lighted candles
This is home, I think I’ll stay.


‘Pixels’, copyright 2017 Tony Wager, permission granted for use.



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