Far Horizon- Look, see, Pray

I’m in awe of the brave adventurers who glimpse the far horizon and head straight for it. Frodo Baggins in “Lord of the Rings” inspired me on his long Journey with a small group of Companions; first encountered on a wet school day when I spent a lunch time in the Library, and a constant companion ever since.

Or Biggles. Flying and fighting against the baddies all over the world. He introduced the Mato Grosso of Brazil, the cold skies of the Baltic, and the Far East. Biggles always triumphed, in a humble sort of way!

Raleigh and Drake, Hornblower and Richard Bolitho, Richard Hannay and Captain Cook… real heroes and fictional ones mixed into an exciting blend of high-stakes living. Extraordinary stories of challenges and obstacles to stretch the finest of minds and strongest bodies.

Then in Sunday School- Abram called to go off into the wild blue yonder, just because God said so. Moses whose life encompassed triumph and disaster. Amos and Daniel, Jacob and Joseph, David, Elisha, and John the Baptist- the list is nearly endless. Ruth and Esther, Deborah and Mary, Dorcas and Junia… women of faith and determination who changed history.

Paul of Tarsus answering a vision to help the Macedonians and in the process challenges the might of Rome.

Peter, Andrew, James, John, saying YES when Jesus said “Follow Me.”

Isn’t Christianity itself a call to explore the far horizon? Jesus brings the Kingdom of God and everyone who follows Him shares a vision of a gloriously different existence, a horizon beyond imagining that is unveiled in Christ. “Where else would we go?” said Peter. “You have the words of eternal life.”

Travelling broadens the mind. I’ve enjoyed the wonders of Alaska, sailed in the Med, explored Austria, eaten unidentified food in Andorra, and encountered the multiple cultures of California. It’s been a blast- and a huge privilege. I’ve even done a bit of visiting “far horizons” as a pastor; working in Derbyshire, Dartmoor and Luton in very diverse church communities: that “up sticks” moment when the removal van heads off in a cloud of diesel en-route to an unknown place with “interesting” people! Always a test of faith… God’s call involves the risk of rejection and failure, as well as blessing and hope.

I don’t think it’s surprising that God expects His people to be on the move. We’re on a trek to the furthest horizon: trusting in faith that we will be in the footsteps of Jesus. How far have I come? Well, it’s a work in progress- but God has never let me down yet. As of now, the exploration is incomplete. Which horizon comes next, Lord?

Oh yes. Just “Follow Me.”

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