First Frost- Look, See, Pray

First frosty morning of the winter- and the artist of the Earth re-painted my roses with delicate crystals.

What a beautiful moment to start the day! If only I could train myself to spot these gifts of beauty and life…

That’s where to start. By letting the desire take shape, choosing to allow my eyes to wander round the garden, and observing what is right there. Just a moment- not a big chunk of the day “wasted” but a brief investment in joy. Scraping the car windscreen can wait one minute. The queue at the roundabout will wait for me to arrive. One minute of extra exposure to cold air won’t kill me!

Absolutely right. My investment bears dividends quickly. I am more relaxed, my breathing slows down and my blood pressure normalises. Brain cells kick in to prompt those “happy enzymes” that give me pleasure. My mind and body reap the reward of being attentive, staying open, and my spirit responds- I have become aware that God is HERE, now. The gifts of nature express the delight of their Creator, the inventive and rejoicing God who has made all things for His pleasure and ours. In recognising this, my heart is touched by a moment of praise and thankfulness that replaces the gloom and grief of the Breakfast News. A simple joy helps my day to become God-oriented, and therefore start well.

If my day worsens, I can look back at this precious piece of God-art, and be glad that God is still in control.

Isaiah 55 v6: Seek the LORD while He may be found; call to Him while He is near.

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