Good Shepherd Resources

This week in the RCL, we have a ever-popular 23rd Psalm. At the end of this post you’ll find a confessions and absolution, blessings and dismissal based on Jesus, The Good Shepherd and suitable for any week of the year

There are also links to LOADS of sheep-based resources. If you have never tried out sheep racing, where have you been? It’s a bucket-load of fun, and perfect for all-age activities as well as youth and children’s work.

Along with the mini-sheep bookmarks, this would be great for a Messy Church, and there is a quiet activity with a  sheepy labyrinth, too.

There is also a printable pack of intergenerational resources based on John 10. It’s called ‘Together Apart and was written for use during the lock down, so you’ll find loads of lovely resources for all ages and abilities.

As always, these resources are free to use, but if you’d like to support this ministry, I’d be most grateful. You can donate via Paypal (see link in side bar) one-off or regularly.

Or just send Colin Firth with diamonds.

Heck, just send Colin Firth.

Sheep-Based Resources

Liturgy Resources for Fourth Sunday in Easter

Psalm 23, John 10:22-30

Confession and Absolution

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd of the sheep,
we confess that we have gone astray.

We have failed to heed your voice
and have listened instead to the voices of self-interest and ease.
Good Shepherd, forgive us.

We have failed to follow your leading
and have wandered instead where we know we should not.
Good Shepherd, forgive us.

We have failed to be satisfied with your provision
and have yearned instead for that which fades like dry grass.
Good Shepherd, forgive us.

Forgive us, Lord, we pray,
and restore our souls.


As God’s forgiven people we proclaim:

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all our days,
and we shall dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Blessing and Dismissal

May you follow your shepherd
in green pastures.
May you rest beside still waters
and lack for nothing.
May you walk in right paths
and know the comfort and protection of God.

And may the blessing of the Lord,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
fill and overflow your soul
and spread to those around you.

Go now, with your Good Shepherd guiding
this day and always.


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