Tears of Autumn- Look, See, Pray

Seems appropriate to think about tears today. Autumn is ending with cold nights and the clammy fist of winter is squeezing hard in the garden. These “tears” are from melted frost on the branch.

My sadness is partly personal- today’s another anniversary of my Mum dying of cancer. I have wonderful memories alongside the grief of loss; belonging to a family of love and compassion helps, and confidence in sharing Mum’s faith gives assurance and comfort. Death is not the end. But it has sharp claws and a vicious streak- and refuses to acknowledge its defeat. Our family grief and love combine as we remember her thankfully- and look forward to our reunion in the presence of Christ.

Yesterday in the English Channel a small boat sank, with the deaths of 30 people (estimated) including children and a pregnant mum-no-longer-to-be. However that is dressed up in the media, that is a tragedy only enlarged by the posturing and blame-shifting by all those refusing responsibility. The odious evasions and callousness of several governments were on display this morning.

Human beings seeking safety- a cash cow for smugglers and a chess pawn for politicians– desperately attempted a dangerous sea crossing. They died because no-one would help- and there are tears in heaven as well as on earth.

I know that the situation is far too complex for simplistic answers. I wonder if the mother explained that to her child as icy water dragged air from their lungs… Too late for tears now.

Of course there is a cost to helping.

There’s a bigger cost paid if we don’t. Just not by us. So that’s all right, then… is it?

(reproduced with permission)

Tears let light through. Sometimes they blur our vision, sometimes they reflect truth to our hearts. The “tears” in the main photo act like tiny lens, refracting the scene. If you look hard enough, you can make sense of the upside-down pictures and see the actual background.

Perhaps if we examine our own tears, they may help us make sense of an upside-down world. Then motivate us to be part of the change. Compassion has tears: and Love leads to action.

Will tears this autumn bring a change?

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