Advent Makeables and Meditations

In case you have not seen them in, here is a reissue of some of my most popular Advent resources. Some have been very slightly updated, with the links here being to most recent, but the original posts having all the helpful make-along photos and videos to help you. Also, check out all my Advent resources by clicking here.

There are two downloadable PDF packs based on the four candles of the Advent wreath, which are great for your own Advent devotions, for family worship, for schools or Messy Church, plus a fabulous flexagon which is better for yoof. 

And don’t forget the best-selling Advent devotions for all ages, Walking to Bethlehem, which features the same readings as the flexagon. 

Suitable for the whole family (and that doesn’t mean ‘just for the kiddies’), this newly-release second edition is even bigger and even better.

Available from Amazon, Eden , Barnes & Noble and all good bookstores.


Advent Wreath Reflections

The first pack features a beautiful drawing of an Advent wreath with a meditation for each candle and an image to colour.

And remember – colouring is not to keep kids quiet, it’s a great tool for meditation for all ages. It occupies your hands to quiet your mind.

You could use the meditations for an adult’s group or for prayers in church as you light the candles each week.

Click here for the PDF – Advent Wreath Reflections, or here for the original post.


Candle Wreath Advent Calendar

The second pack is a simple cut-out-and-stick candle wreath. In addition to the two sheets provided (print on thick paper or thin card) you will needs paper plates and tissue paper in green and flame colours.

You make the candles and base first, then add the leaves and flames day by day as an Advent calendar, with instructions for both a table and a door version.

Of course, you can make the whole wreath at at once as well, perhaps ‘lighting’ one candle each week.

Click here for the PDF – Candle Wreath Advent Calendar or here for the original post.


Flexagon Advent Calendar – oh yes!

Finally, the fabulous Flexagon Advent Calendar – perfect for the yoof who might feel they’re a bit old for tissue paper and glue sticks. This is a great Dads and Kids make, too.

It’s perfect for your Advent event, and is the kind of thing that people will keep hold of afterwards – telling the story of Christmas is 24 short readings.

It’s geeky, it’s fun and it’s a challenge to see who can flip to all the readings in the quickest time!

Click here for the PDF – Flexagon Advent Calendar  or here for the original post.

3 thoughts on “Advent Makeables and Meditations

  1. Thank you for all the resources. Unfortunately the link to “all my Advent resources” is not working. I am looking for something I had last year, an Advent printable to cut out and use on a plate with 5 tea lights. Was it one of yours?


  2. Hello Eileen,
    Thanks for noticing the broken link, I’ll fix that 🙂
    The printable does not sound familiar. Perhaps it is from one of my colleagues’ sites. Try Flame Creative Ministry or Messy Church, perhaps?
    Fay xx


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