Friends in need- Look, See, Pray

Need a hug? Empathise with this bear? It’s not surprising, all things considered. If that were my lunch, I’d be miserable. Or perhaps this scrawny twig is the last remnant of a game played with a friend, now missing.

A pensive bear. Made me think about friends, being apart, and the joy of catching up.

Over recent months we’ve all missed friends and family, the simple pleasures of conversation, a shared meal, bad jokes and shared problems. When the weeks blur together in sameness, time seems strangely suspended! Then good ol’ technology comes up trumps… an hour finding out the news, reminiscing, putting the world to rights. One of the best feelings in the world!

I miss hugs. Not in a weird way, with total strangers- but with special people, those who have been a part of my story. This evening was great, catching up on the phone with a very good friend, and updating ourselves on the kids, parents, church, music, and experiences that shaped our lives for good. What I really wanted to do at the end was hug, the best way of communicating beyond words- the stuff that really makes a difference. We talked of good news, of sad news, of people and places and hopes and memories… Life has put many miles between us, and important obligations have restricted our time together. But as we talked the years rolled back, and the dreams and aspirations we have shared over the years strengthened the bond of friendship again. So, until we meet again, may blessings fall like gentle showers of soft rain on a warm summer’s evening.

There will be hugs. One day. Or life would be unbearable!

So, friends, loved ones, special people: hang on in there, hang on to faith and hope, and cling onto the memories that bind us together in love. It MATTERS that we hold on to hope, and cherish the memories. These are all gifts from God. Perhaps, even a hug from heaven?

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