More Relaxing Colouring and Nativity Video (Taa-daa!)

But first – InstaWhatsit

Yes, I’ve finally succumbed and joined Instagram. I’ll be posting book updates and writing snippets, pictures of my beloved Dwagony and absolutely NO pictures of my lunch! Find me as @fayrowlandauthor

cover front finalAnd Second – Nativity Video

I’ve spent the last two weeks editing together this video for my church’s Christmas Day service. It’s from my best-selling rhyming Nativity ‘God Is With Us – Everywhere!’

You are welcome to use this video in your own services, and may share the link freely. It’s available on my YouTube channel as one video (scenes 1-6), or as three sections (1+2, 3+4, 5+6) with a total running time is 18:55. You can shorten it by omitting the baby section if you like, however you must retain the credits and copyright at the end.


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By popular demand – More Antidotes to Christmas Frazzle

card 7 colouredThese were very popular last week, so here is another helping of “ahhhhhhh” to help us all take some time out and chill (in a cosy way, of course).

Grab some coloured pens or raid the kids’ paintbox, and forget about hand sanitiser and face masks for a while. (I had great fun doing this with some watercolour pencils.)

Colouring is not just for kids. It’s a great way for all of us – old and young, on your own or in a family, artistic or not – to slow down our minds and give ourselves a chance to sit quietly for a few minutes. Which is your favourite verse? (You can send in requests and you might see your chosen verse featured in a future design!) 

Colouring is a great leveller – everyone can do it, and it’s not an art competition, so it doesn’t matter if you go over the lines or you leave some bits out. Think of it as a prayer with pencils. Let the words wash over you and give them time to sink in. Or simply spend time with people who matter, and thank God for them.

This week we have designs 5 to 8 with verses from:

  • Isaiah 9:6  – He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God
  • Luke 2:14 – Peace on Earth
  • Isaiah 7:14 / Matthew 1:23 – Emmanuel, God With Us
  • Isaiah 9:6 – Prince of Peace

Here’s a preview of what’s in this week’s pack (PDF link below). Previous weeks’ designs are also available in links below. Keep a look out for more great designs in the weeks up to Christmas.

There are large, medium and small version of each design, with suggestions and tips for using them in a variety of creative ways

cards 5-8 preview

Free downloadable PDFs

Click here for PDF cards 5-8

Click here for PDF – Cards 1-4

I’d love to see your finished artwork.
Send photos to and you may see your name in next week’s blog!

Look out for more great designs next week.

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