Seek in Silence – Look, See, Pray

Cold, blue, quiet... this day
as tide begins to turn, sand now the playground for gulls,
walkers, and inquisitive dogs.
The draining beach draws breath, then meets advancing surge
with silent kisses.
Where now the laughing child? Whose sandcastle longest lived?
Where the crowds of yesterday, now that frost nips at noses
and lips yearn for hot tea, not ice cream?

Now the world is dressed for silent shivers,
with silent mouths
and restless hearts seeking hope for warmth.
Here is the silence for seeking
for in the quiet a Holy Voice can be heard, if we wait,
in waiting to learn again of peace.

A day of portents and drama across the sea, far to the West,
so aching spirit longs to find comfort
and searches for the One who reigns
despite the plans of ambition and price of greed.

Mist on the horizon, blurring all and hiding today's secrets,
until we learn to be
not just to do.

Time has no speed here, this morning drifts and so can we.
Free now to wander and wait
for Holy whisper
or clarion call
Declaring purpose, proclaiming hope,
breath expressed from heaven to speak softly of Love.

Anxious heart
rest in confident enjoyment of this holy moment
Fevered mind
allow a longing for Eternal grace 
to cool worry in the chill, clean air.

This is the Day the Lord has made!
Rejoice, rejoice,
rejoice and be glad for God has done wondrous things
beyond my understanding and despite my follies.

We pass by on this sea-strand
the lives of creatures unseen, sometimes heard,
and blend our prayer with Creation's song
Footsteps leaving the briefest of tracks
Soon gone in gentle water, salt and clean,
until another dawn brings us here again
seeking in silence for the Holy Voice.

(c) Richard Starling, 5th Nov 2020

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