Christ In GLE?

Need a new talk for Christingle? Yup, it’s hard to get something fresh each year, so here’s an idea for you.

If we look at the word CHRISTINGLE, we see it spells Christ In GLE. Hmmn, so what’s a G-L-E? Good question. I came up with 29 different answers. You may have more.

Here is a fun Christingle talk which looks at all the things that Christ could be in this Christmas, including an explanation of the meaning of a Christingle. There’s also a colouring page throw in for free, just cos.


Due to popular demand, my new rhyming Nativity play God Is With Us – Everywhere! is now available as a Kindle e-book. Here it is, topping the Amazon charts (woo hoo!).

bestseller #1

You can get it as

bucket drama 2 kindle cover finalAlso – my Kindle book A(nother) Bucketful Of Ideas for Church Drama is FREE for the next three days! Oh yes! 

Featuring the ever-popular CRISP-tingle and the pop-up nativity Not a Very Silent Night plus 12 more great scripts, this is perfect for Advent, Christmas, Harvest, Easter and all the times between.

Grab it now for loads of festive fun, and tell your friends. But be quick – this freebie is only on for a few days.

Here’s a preview of this week’s downloadable PDF. Link below.

Christ In GLE – click here to download the PDF


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