Together Apart Harvest – Feeding the 5000 With Pizza – Plus Video!

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John 6:5-13 Feeding the 5000 With Pizza

Welcome to  Together Apart, a set of new intergenerational resources for all of us in God’s family. Ten jam-packed pages of great ideas that you can print off and use for free.

This week is slightly different because it’s HARVEST! There’s a fab new script revealing how The Feeding of The Five Thousand really happened, and it all links beautifully with thinking about social justice and everyone getting a fair slice of the pizza. There is a linked craft and prayers, suitable for use in church or home.

Links for PDFs are below.

Remember you can use the website menus to find different resources on this and other passages. Check out the PDFs for other editions of Together Apart, too (links below). Here’s a preview of this week’s resources.

John 6 5-13 Harvest preview


Here’s a video of the script, superbly acted by Steve Dawson and edited together by Attic Studios. Many thanks and well done!

And here’s a separate PDF of the script. The full Together Apart pack, below, also includes the script.

[Click here for script only – How Feeding the 5000 Really Happened]

PLUS! Checkout this fab new resource from Stephen Ogston ( I’ll link to new episodes as they come out.

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The Reflectionary is free because I believe this stuff is important, but I’m a self-employed writer and still need to make a living.

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Latest PDFs to download:

[Click here to download the PDF for Harvest (John 6:5-13) – including script]

Earlier editions:

Be safe, dear friends,

(and let’s all keep washing our hands)



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