Still, Small Voice of Calm – Look, See, Pray

I’ve missed my beach visits. What with staying self-isolated, and because Juliet hasn’t had to go to school over the summer, my routine has been disrupted. Now, I’m not a real fan of routine- I usually spell it “b-o-r-e-d” but it does have its place!

Mornings and evenings at the beach have been regular precious times during our time in Bognor. This week was the first time I had been “back in routine” and it was lovely. As I switched off the car, I could see the tide was low and the sea was almost motionless. Standing on the beach a few minutes later was like entering a new world.

Calm surroundings… and I felt the tension slipping off my shoulders and draining away through the sand.

We are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies- of the Earth, yet transcending physicality. In Ecclesiastes 3 v11 is the riveting statement: “God has also set eternity in the human heart…”

For me, standing on the beach, eternity opened the eyes of my heart.

My physical presence in that place, and the decision to take time to go there, allowed the Spirit of God to roll back the blind so my spirit could see and feel the reality beyond “ordinary” life. It was precious enough to share.

A prayer for the weekend:

O still small voice of calm, we need to be open to hear You. Help us, Lord, to choose to make time to replace noise with Your calming Voice, speaking your peace. Remind us of places where we can come before You without distraction. When You have our attention, may that calm invoke the reality of Eternity: may we be refreshed and energised, renewed and cleansed. Then, O Lord, in hearing Your Word of transfiguration, may we obey and honour You in worship and thanksgiving. In deep Grace, we will live the eternity we hope for in the midst of our earthly days. Speak, Lord, your servant is listening. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Still, Small Voice of Calm – Look, See, Pray

  1. Thanks for sharing,

    the words and the photo are stunningly beautifully.

    ? Keep smiling ?? Ian

    Ian Morris Chaplain Bishop’s Stortford College work: 01279 838673


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