Little details- Look, See, Pray

I can see clearly now… new glasses!

Regular eye tests have been part of my life since I was quite small. Over the years, spec styles have changed, and the lens designs improved. Being able to see well is never to be taken for granted.

I was very pleased with my optician’s visit this time. Minor alterations in my right eye meant new spectacles were necessary; I picked them up the other day. Wow! A small change of prescription has meant a big change in perceiving details. I’m more of a big-picture, new ideas kind of man. Dealing with detail isn’t my greatest strength. When I do get into detail, I like to be thorough (and I often grumble if the detail is frustrating!).

Do you like the photo? I thought it going to be a ladybird on the lavender: using a macro lens to get close-up revealed an unexpected beauty. It is a Rosemary Beetle- with stunning colour and patterns on its carapace.

Who’d have thought a small beetle could be so pretty?

If we assume that the Universe had a Creator (rather than being an inexplicable random chance) then a tiny beetle that is gorgeous in its almost invisible detail suggests that the Creator has immense imagination and purpose in making such beauty.

Craftsman and women take immense trouble over the little details: what they produce has innate beauty, and the giving of that beauty to another is surely an act of love.

You may have heard the saying: “the Devil is in the detail.” That may be true in the fine print so loved by lawyers, scammers and bad politicians.

Can I suggest an antidote to cynicism and a jaded heart? Go and look at the little details of a flower, a beetle, a feather… Or use a microscope to get down to the smallest detail.. I think you may find a “signpost” there. Look and see… and maybe pray?

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