Together Apart – Genesis 45 – Joseph and his Brothers, Part 2

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Genesis 45:1-28 – Joseph and his Brothers, Part 2

Welcome to  Together Apart, a set of new intergenerational resources for all of us in God’s family. Ten jam-packed pages of great ideas that you can print off and use for free.

Links for PDFs are below.

Each week you’ll find Bible study ideas for all ways of learning and all ages (not just ‘for the kiddies’). You can use them on your own, over Skype with friends, or on the sofa with your little ones and big ones. There are also links to audio Bible readings from Bible Gateway and links to other resources from The Reflectionary.

Remember you can use the website menus to find different resources on this and other passages. Check out the PDFs for other editions of Together Apart, too (links below). Here’s a preview of this week’s resources.

I am taking a little break over the next couple of weeks. I have daughters expecting exam results imminently, so we’ll be plunging into the wild waters of of clearing and uni prep, plus mini-breaks with my daughters to recover. See you in September!

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Extra Reflectionary posts on this week’s lectionary texts:
The Canaanite Woman of Matt 15 / Mark 7

I do the crafts for our (virtual) Messy Church, and over the summer we’re exploring the two greatest commandments: Love God, and love others. Here’s a video for a great paper craft (exploding hearts) that you can adapt for a whole range of situations, and the Batty Boffin joins me to help with some heart-shaped science (also makes a tasty sandwich for tea!)

Here’s the video.


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The Reflectionary is free because I believe this stuff is important, but I’m a self-employed writer and still need to make a living.

If you find these resources useful, please consider making a regular or one-off donation. Just £2 a month buys me a commentary in a year, (but due to high Paypal fees, it’s better to do it as £24 a year). A single donation of £15 buys fuel for a visit to my college library, or £45 covers my web hosting for these resources.

Click here to donate via Paypal.   Or send Colin Firth with diamonds. (Blow the diamonds, just send Colin Firth!) But don’t worry if you can’t afford anything. You are very welcome to help yourself for free. Thank you for being part of the team.

Latest PDFs to download:

[Click here to download the PDF for Joseph and his Brothers 2 (Genesis 45:1-28)]

Earlier editions:

Be safe, dear friends,

(and let’s all keep washing our hands)



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